Buying Real Estate

Buying Real Estate in Manhattan?

Sometimes it's better to have people come to you by having a website where people can come to you and express their interest in selling. This way you have the choice of either listing their place yourself or just straight up purchasing the place if it fits into your criteria.

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Selling Real Estate

In selling Real Estate there seems to be more to it than just placing a sign in your front yard, listing with an agent and hoping for the best.

Now, being known and having a good reputation can make a world of difference. Most people who are buying or selling real estate have very little online personality. So, why not be a person or company that does have an online personality?

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Rental / Bed and Breakfast

Helping other people keep their rental or B&B occupied can be a fabulous steady income. This income is also good in un up-trending or Down-trending market.

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Owning a Website like this one.

This website is for sale but owning this website comes with some responsibility. websites need traffic in order to get some page ranking or Money.

Yes, most websites are all about getting money.

They need to have a niche target audience and they need a personality.

We at Istockhomes have noticed that most real estate websites lack personality. They are dry on giving information other than "current listings".

This website is set up as a WordPress blog site, there is a backend which is easy to use and adding to it could not be simpler.

Then if you get stuck YouTube has many videos on how to use WordPress.

Most importantly This website has a good Domain Name. it's short. Only 5 letters and it's easy to remember. This website actually has 2 Domains the one just listed and

So, My question is, Would these Domains along with a good website be a good start to getting known in the world of real estate in Manhattan?


Next Steps...

Would you like to own this website? Can you see the potential? If so this site is being auctioned off on Godaddy. All you need to do is click the Call to Action button and place your bid.