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How to measure the square foot of a house This is a tape measure. This one shows the measure in both imperial ( Inches and feet ) and metric ( centimeters and meters ) A meter is 100 centimeters This is one foot as measured by the tape measure and This is one foot squared or one square foot Here we have a rough sketch of a floor plan drawn on 1/4" x 1/4" graph paper. in this drawing each square represents one square foot. If you take some time to look over this simple floor plan you can see some of the different elements of the drawing and with some labeling the drawing starts to make sense. Since this is Istockhomes, I'm going to take a few minutes and show you how to work out the square foot of a room and also the square foot of the entire living space. On this drawing it is really easy, all you need to do is count the squares. For instance, the bedroom is 10 1/2 squares in one direction and 10 squares in the other direction. So someone can easily enter the calculation into a calculator as 10.5 X 10 = 105 As an approximate measurement, this bedroom is 105 square feet with a closet. Note the closet is just part of the bedroom. The total living space is not much different. Here we just look at the overall width and the overall length. The measures are 30 1/2 squares by 23 squares. So here someone can easily enter the calculation into a calculator as 30.5 X 23 = 701.5 This drawing shows a suite that has 701.5 square feet of living space. Doing up a floor plan of the living space of the home you are selling is a really nice thing to do and it helps potential buyers visualize the property. If you are selling a place and listing it on you can also take pictures of the floor plan and upload them to your listing on Istockhomes for potential buyers to look over. Some sellers may find doing a drawing of a floor plan a little bit too time consuming and would prefer to just use a tape measure to get the square footage of the house and that is ok too. When measuring please be sure to add the line that *"all measures are approximate" If you are not comfortable with drawing up a floor plan, it's not very hard to find someone that can draw one up for you, for a nominal price. Most tradespeople will have no problem drawing up a simple floor plan for you, and there are also plenty of draftspeople. Hope this has been helpful for you. For more of this, Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and or Youtube. We also welcome all new users to check out our marketing platform Where you can list houses, boats, cars, aircraft, business and special events and have them neatly placed on a map Floorplan Drawing provided by Rita Camp of RMC-Designs Photography by Brad Camp Author Brad Camp

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