Buying Real Estate

Buying Real Estate in Manhattan?

Sometimes it's better to have people come to you by having a website where people can come to you and express their interest in selling. This way you have the choice of either listing their place yourself or just straight up purchasing the place if it fits into your criteria.

Selling Real Estate

In selling Real Estate there seems to be more to it than just placing a sign in your front yard, listing with an agent and hoping for the best.

Now, being known and having a good reputation can make a world of difference. Most people who are buying or selling real estate have very little online personality. So, why not be a person or company that does have an online personality?

Rental / Bed and Breakfast

Helping other people keep their rental or B&B occupied can be a fabulous steady income. This income is also good in un up-trending or Down-trending market.


At the top of your game in Real Estate

Being at the top of your game in Real Estate is about more than just having a contract on a place that you are listing.

If you really think about it, a listing is nothing more than just any other item on a store shelf. A listing is an item for sale.

The average agent usually only has about one actual listing of their own. As in "For Sale By......."

What about the Store?

If a listing is nothing but an item on your store shelf what is your store?

Your store is your marketing, your reputation, your contacts, email addresses and the eyeballs checking out your business.

Here is where I see a lot of people taking a wrong turn.

Everything starts with the hub of your business. Your website, more specifically your domain.

Many Real Estate Professionals are taught to think of themselves like a celebrity and not a business owner.

Being a celebrity is great and it's easy to come up with a cool domain http://myname but at the end of your career or when you are finished building your business, selling "your name" is going to be a tough sell.

Now if your store happens to be Real Estate or Luxury Real Estate in Manhattan. Then building your Business on this Domain and being able to flip it when you are ready to will be easy.


Next Steps...

Would you like to own this website? Can you see the potential? If so this site is being auctioned off on Godaddy. All you need to do is click the Call to Action button and place your bid.